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Who can forget UGK, the dynamic duo from Port Arthur, Texas, who set the world of Southern hip-hop on fire? Their 2007 classic album, Underground Kingz, remains a staple for any lover of deep beats and lyrical prowess. But there’s more to this tale – the recent colored vinyl release.

The Origin Story of UGK

Bun B and Pimp C, the talented twosome, weren’t always on top. Like many of our favorite stories, they started from humble beginnings, meeting in high school and bonding over a shared love for hip-hop. Remember the time when you stumbled upon a shared passion with a friend? Imagine that bond blossoming into a platinum-selling rap duo.

Rising to Fame

They struggled and faced setbacks, but they rose. By the time their third album Ridin’ Dirty hit the shelves, they had solidified their place in the Southern hip-hop scene. This led the path to Underground Kingz.

The Impact of Underground Kingz

Track by Track Review

Underground Kingz was like a Texas thunderstorm, full of lightning tracks that excited the audience. Remember “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)”? The track with OutKast was not just a song; it was an anthem, a hymn for the ages.

“Swishas and Dosha”

Kicking off “Underground Kingz,” “Swishas and Dosha” is a powerful introduction to the album. It embodies Southern hip-hop in every beat, paving the way for the auditory journey that is to follow.

“Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” ft. OutKast

This track stands out as a true classic. The collaboration with OutKast results in an anthem that seamlessly weaves rhythm and lyrical storytelling, capturing youthful exuberance and freedom. This Three 6 Mafia production features a gorgeous Willie Hutch sample.

“Chrome-Plated Woman”

In contrast to the earlier tracks, “Chrome Plated Woman” takes a slower, more melodic route. This song is a testament to the duo’s lyricism, presenting a heartfelt ode to independent women everywhere.

“Life Is 2009” ft. Too $hort

Injecting a bit of West Coast flavor into the album, “Life Is 2009” is a funky, upbeat track featuring Too $hort. Its lyrics reflect the uncertainty and the optimism of entering a new millennium.

“The Game Belongs to Me”

This song proclaims dominance in the hip-hop scene, its confident lyrics boldly asserting UGK’s place at the top. It encapsulates the duo’s unwavering belief in their ability and their rightful place in the industry.


Drenched in Southern swagger, “Gravy” is a sonic gumbo of laid-back rhythms and spicy lyricism. It is a testament to UGK’s ability to weave everyday themes into captivating narratives.

“Underground Kingz”

The title track of the album carries a weighty sense of regality, placing UGK on the throne of Southern hip-hop. It showcases the duo’s lyrical prowess and knack for creating compelling beats.

“Grind Hard” ft. Young T.O.E. and DJ B-Do

“Grind Hard” highlights the duo’s work ethic, with a guest appearance from Young T.O.E. and DJ B-Do adding extra dimensions to the song. It’s a motivational track that resonates with anyone familiar with the hustle.

“Quit Hatin’ the South” ft. Charlie Wilson and Willie D

A clarion call against regional bias, “Quit Hatin’ the South” boasts a solid feature from Charlie Wilson and Willie D (Geto Boys). This track asserts the duo’s Southern pride and challenges any dismissal of their regional roots.


“Heaven” stands out with its introspective lyrics and soulful rhythm. It’s a reflective piece that brings a touch of vulnerability to the album, demonstrating the range of UGK’s artistic capabilities.

“Trill N*** Don’t Die” ft. Z-Ro

UGK teamed up with Z-Ro on “Trill N***** Don’t Die,” crafting a hard-hitting anthem that echoes their enduring spirit. The track is a defiant testament to resilience and authenticity in the face of adversity.

“How Long Can It Last” ft. Charlie Wilson

In this collaboration with Charlie Wilson, UGK explores the fleeting nature of fame and success. “How Long Can It Last” resonates with a sense of melancholy and introspection, balanced by a determined undercurrent.

“Still Ridin’ Dirty” ft. Scarface

Bringing in the iconic Scarface for “Still Ridin’ Dirty,” UGK revisits the theme of their groundbreaking third album. The track is a gritty, raw testament to their sustained relevance and influence in hip-hop.

“Stop-N-Go” ft. Jazze Pha

Jazze Pha joins UGK on “Stop-N-Go,” a track that offers a change of pace with its fresh and upbeat vibe. Combining the duo’s characteristic lyrical strength and Jazze Pha’s unique sound results in a memorable standout on the album.


“Cocaine” is UGK at their storytelling best, delving into the dark world of the drug trade. The duo’s powerful lyrics and gripping narrative style make this track a potent commentary on societal issues.

“Two Type of B*s” ft. Dizzee Rascal and Pimpin’ Ken

“Two Type of B*****s” is a highly charged track featuring Dizzee Rascal and Pimpin’ Ken. The collaboration with these diverse artists adds an intriguing international twist to UGK’s southern sound.

“Real Women” ft. Talib Kweli and Raheem DeVaughn

UGK explores themes of respect and appreciation for women in “Real Women,” a track bolstered by the thoughtful lyricism of Talib Kweli and the soulful vocals of Raheem DeVaughn. This song underscores UGK’s versatility and depth as artists.


A standout for its unique, playful energy, “Candy” is a testament to UGK’s ability to experiment with different styles while still staying true to their distinctive sound. The track infuses the album with a dose of unapologetic fun and swagger.

“Tell Me How Ya Feel”

“Tell Me How Ya Feel” is UGK in their introspective mode, inviting listeners to share in their personal reflections. The track balances vulnerability with resilience, revealing another layer to the duo’s multifaceted artistry.

“Shattered Dreams”

UGK concludes the album with “Shattered Dreams,” a poignant reflection on struggle and ambition. The track’s raw honesty leaves a lasting impression, marking a powerful end to a remarkable musical journey.

Influences and Legacy

UGK didn’t just create music; they influenced a whole generation of Southern rappers, from Big K.R.I.T. to Travis Scott. Like an artist leaving their mark on a canvas, UGK’s influence can still be seen today.

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  1. Why is UGK’s “Underground Kingz” album considered a classic?
  2. Where can I purchase the “Underground Kingz” colored vinyl?
    • The colored vinyl can be found at record stores, online retailers, and through Turntable Lab.
  3. Will there be more colored vinyl releases from UGK in the future?
    • There’s always a chance for more releases, so fans should stay tuned!

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